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Round Bee Necklace


Experience the beauty of nature's tiny marvels with the Round Bee Necklace, a delightful creation by Anna Bánkuti. This necklace is a charming embodiment of Anna's artistry and her ability to capture the grace and wonder of the natural world.

The round pendant features an intricately detailed bee, a symbol of industriousness and community, and a nod to the delicate balance of nature. Anna's background in fine arts and jewelry design is artfully showcased in this piece, making it a wearable work of art.

Wear this necklace as a personal connection to the world of bees, a symbol of their vital role in our ecosystem, or as a tribute to Anna's creative vision. Let the Round Bee Necklace become a symbol of nature's beauty, grace, and the harmony of our environment.


  • Made of gold plated sterling silver and plastic, each piece is unique, hand drawn and forged by Anzu designer, Anna Bánkuti
  • Please note that the appearance of the motifs will vary from piece to piece, because each piece is hand drawn and unique
  • Measures 12 mm, length: 16-18 inches