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Our jewelry brands are made with care, the finest attention to detail, and quality finishes.
They are made with 14K solid gold, sterling silver, 14kt gold filled or plated. 
Here are a few helpful care tips to keep your jewelry looking its best:
-As metal and gems are quite delicate, remove your jewelry when applying sprays, perfumes and lotions.
-Jewelry should also be removed when sleeping, showering, exercising and swimming.
-Daily maintenance, to keep your piece in the best shape - simply wipe the piece down with a soft cloth after each use
-To store - keep your pieces in a jewelry box or ziploc when not being worn.
-Storing it away from light and oxygen helps prevent tarnishing and oxidization. 
With gold plated rings, be sure to remove them when washing your hands, using any products, or coming into contact with household chemicals.
-Additionally, when doing any activities that add additional friction to your hands, we recommend removing your rings (ie. gardening).
*Please note, we do not offer any re-plating services.
Opals consist of up to 20% water and are relatively soft, a 6 on the Mohs hardness scale – their delicate nature requires delicate care.
-Opals are sensitive to sudden temperature changes and water (ie. water that is too hot or cold).
-Store your opal jewelry in a sealed plastic bag to protect it from humidity.
Be sure to follow these guidelines & it will help preserve the finish on your beautiful pieces
– xo She’s Unique