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Round Butterfly Necklace


Embrace the beauty of metamorphosis with the Round Necklace featuring a Butterfly, a captivating creation by Anna Bánkuti. This necklace is a testament to Anna's ability to capture the delicate elegance of butterflies and their symbolism of change and renewal.

The round pendant showcases an intricately detailed butterfly, symbolizing transformation and the enduring spirit of nature. Anna's background in fine arts and jewelry design shines through, making this necklace a wearable piece of art.

Wear this necklace as a personal emblem of growth, a tribute to the delicate wonders of nature, and as an appreciation of Anna's creative vision. Let the Round Necklace with a Butterfly become a symbol of change, beauty, and the enduring essence of the natural world.


  • Made of gold plated sterling silver and plastic, each piece is unique, hand drawn and forged by Anzu designer, Anna Bánkuti
  • Please note that the appearance of the motifs will vary from piece to piece, because each piece is hand drawn and unique
  • Measures 12 mm, length: 16-18 inches