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Permanent Jewelry Appointment

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Permanent Jewelry 

Choose from a selection of solid 14k gold, goldfill or sterling silver chains and we’ll cut it to the perfect fit for your wrist, ankle or neck. Once we select your perfect chain size, we'll "permanently" weld it on you for a seamless, clasp-less look. A delicate flash of micro welder creates the permanent look. You never have to worry about clasps again, but if you need to remove it, you can simply do so with a pair of scissors.

Located in the back of our shop in Old Town, Alexandria at 205 King Street

Please note that we welcome walk-ins on our open studio days (Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays). However, on certain occasions, such as private events, pop-up events, or other reasons, the studio may be closed. To guarantee your appointment, we recommend using our booking app.