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Rectangle Magnolia Ring | Gold Vermeil


Discover the essence of nature's beauty and artistic elegance in the Horizontal Rectangle Magnolia Ring, a captivating creation by Anna Bánkuti. Inspired by the grace of magnolia blossoms, this ring boasts a unique horizontal design that elegantly echoes the gentle petals of this iconic flower.

Anna's background in fine arts and jewelry design is masterfully showcased in this piece, evident in the intricate details and graceful lines. Every time you slip on the Horizontal Magnolia Ring, you carry with you a touch of the natural world and Anna's creative vision.

Adorn your finger with a symbol of timeless sophistication and the marriage of art and craftsmanship. Let this ring be your personal piece of floral artistry, celebrating nature's beauty and artistic inspiration.


  • Made out of gold vermeil and plastic, each piece is unique, hand drawn and forged by Anzu designer, Anna Bánkuti
  • Please note that the appearance of the motifs will vary from piece to piece, because each piece is hand drawn and unique